I have installed Windows 7 in my internal hard drive, and used a external hard drive box which turns the internal hard drive into a external hard drive.

I installed both Ubuntu and Windows 7 in my hard drive, and I installed grub. When I boot from the hard drive, it shows a grub menu with two choices: Windows (sdb1) and Ubuntu (sdb5).

I can boot from Ubuntu, but I can't boot from Windows 7 using that grub. However, I can boot from Windows 7 from sda1 choosing sdb1 windows.

How can I use grub to boot from sdb1?


you can use os-prober then grub2-mkconfig: you have to type these command as super user in ubuntu

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

os-prober will scan attached hdds and grub2-mkconfig will update grub2

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