I recently installed Windows 10 on my laptop. Problem is that I cannot install apps from OneGet because I cannot install Chocolatey source because PSModule provider is missing. Screenshot:

provider is missing
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I also screenshoted my main PC where everything works fine: Everything is fine pic
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how can it be fixed? Difference between PC: I have MSVS2015 installed on main PC, and it was updated from 8.1 against laptop clean install

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Currently, OneGet is in flux. The initial version of OneGet shipped with Chocolatey as its sole default repository, but Chocolatey has now been removed from the default configuration. A Chocolatey package source will soon be available for easy installation via OneGet. You can currently install the Chocolatey package source with a command, but Chocolatey’s packages wouldn’t actually install on our system after doing so. This is a minor roadbump in development.

Source: http://www.howtogeek.com/200334/windows-10-includes-a-linux-style-package-manager-named-oneget/?PageSpeed=noscript

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