I'm using a samsung 9 series laptop with windows 8.1 and was trying to run the Gparted ISO from USB on it.

In order to change the boot settings I was trying to get into the BIOS, but for some reason I was not able to get in via F2, or any other key... What did work was to press F4 (some recovery tools) and from there it was possible to reboot going into the UEFI BIOS settings.

Once in the BIOS I changed the BIOS to CMS instead of UEFI and I also disabled the secure booting. Next to that I prioritized the USB drive in the boot sequence (I moved it to the top). Then I was able to het the Gparted ISO booting from my USB disk. However, now I want to start windows 8.1 again but somehow I'm only able to boot from USB! If there is no USB drive in the PC, then the power light goes off, then on again and I get the option F2 for BIOS and F4 for settings, but these keys are not working at all.... once past that, power light goes off again and the cycle starts again...

I tried with a windows 8 recovery USB stick. There are some tools available there, but not the one that I used to get into the UEFI settings as mentioned above.

So I'm stuck with the USB at booting and I don't know how to get into the BIOS to change the boot sequence again (assuming this is what I would need to do).

  • I suggest calling samsung 1-800-726-7864 (1-800-SAMSUNG) or google it if you're from another country. It may be faulty or specific to that laptop. And if they can't help they may see it as faulty and offer a replacement or some help of some kind. – barlop Apr 9 '15 at 9:55
  • I was able to solve this issue by using the command prompt options in the windows recovery tools on USB. I launched diskpart: - select disk 0 - clean - exit After that I could use the other recovery tool: repair boot problems, and after that windows was starting from the hard disk! – Christophe Apr 10 '15 at 9:05
  • I'd have thought when the BIOS can't boot from hard disk it normally gives a message saying so, and all that stuff about whether you can or can't get into the BIOS being tied to all this and not being able to use the normal key, seems a bit odd. – barlop Apr 10 '15 at 9:13
  • you could post your solution as an answer – barlop Apr 10 '15 at 15:54

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