If I’ve got a .tar archive, and when I extract it, it gives me a single folder foo containing some more stuff, like this:


Is there a way I can modify the .tar command to “skip” the root folder (foo in this case) and just extract all the contents of that folder directly into my cwd like this:


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Easy. Just use --strip-components=1 on the archive like this:

tar -xf archive.tar --strip-components=1

And as explained in the official tar man page:


strip NUMBER leading components from file names on extraction

With the logic being that if a path consists of foo/something.txt then the first “component” of that path would be foo/ so --strip-components=1 would effectively drop the foo/ from the path foo/something.txt.

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    I'd advise only using this for tar files that you know the structure of. Note that --strip-components will not just strip leading directories, if you had a tar file that didn't have a directory as its top level entry (e.g., if the contents of the tar file were [file1.txt, somedirectory/] this command would not extract file1.txt. I haven't found a method that only strips a top level directory without causing problems with other kinds of tar files that just have plain files as their top level entry.
    – jrh
    Apr 28, 2020 at 15:33
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    Wouldn't have thought tar would work with zip files, but it did.
    – C1pher
    Jun 30 at 18:15

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