I'm working in OSX. I have a lot of zip files in a directory called data and I would like to unzip them all:

$ ls data

I'm using the following command:

unzip -d data "data/*" 

The problem I'm having is that all the files are unzipping to the same target directory, called 10.002, and being overwritten each time. So I end up with only one unzipped file.

How can I make each file unzip to its own unique directory?

Or even better, have all the files unzip to the same directory, but without being overwritten.

  • use -n option on unzip to never overwrite existing files – Manticore Jan 3 '17 at 15:42

You could use something like The Unarchiver (freeware) that has prefs for extraction, to put every archive in a separate folder, if there's any danger they contain files of the same name you don't want overwriting.

Alternatively, Stuffit Expander (freeware) can be set to automatically rename any conflicts.

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