I have bought a LG monitor 22 inch when I connect my PC buy HDMI cable to it there is a black border around the screen like this :

enter image description here

my graphic card model is ATI hd 4550 .I have with her searched for this problem and I found there were same problem for other peoples and in the solution I installed AMD Catalyst Control Center (in some of theme there was this name : ATI Catalyst Control Center) But In their solution this software is like this : enter image description here But when I run AMD Catalyst Control Center in my pc scaling options is missing like this :

enter image description here

how can I fix it ?

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That doesn't look like the latest version of the ATI Catalyst Control Center to me. The issue you're facing does look like a scanning problem (meaning that your ATI Radeon HD4550 isn't interpreting your display's resolution properly), so you're on the right track. Take it a step further and reinstall the drivers for both the ATI Radeon HD4550 and the display; it's possible CCC isn't seeing that card/display because you have incorrect/outdated/missing drivers (http://support.amd.com/en-us/download). Make sure you get both directly from the manufacturers so you get the latest and greatest.

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