In foobar2000's playlist editor, is there any simple way to move the currently selected track(s) either to the top of the list or to after the currently playing track? I used to have a shortcut key to do this in winamp (can't remember if that required a plugin or not), and am missing the ability to do it in foobar2000.


There might be a component for this but I'm not sure. You can right-click (or Shift+right-click depending on your context menu setup) one or more files and select Add to playback queue. This won't change the track order but it will change the playback order. After the current track ends it will jump to the tracks you've added to the queue (the Playing column will show numbers in brackets for these). If you want you can also assign a direct keyboard shortcut to Add to playback queue via Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts.


Windows copy/cut/paste hotkeys work with items in the playlists, so you can quickly cut an entry from the bottom; Home key; paste at the top.

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