I'm using Word 2013's feature to print multiple pages per sheet. I want the pages to be placed on a sheet ordered in columns / vertically instead of per rows / horizontally. That is, Word does this by default:

Horizontal ordering

But I would like my pages to be ordered on sheets like this:

Vertical ordering

To clarify, this is the option I'm using:

Word printer options

I'm happy to use a workaround, because normally the "horizontal" ordering is fine; I just want it different for this one time. I can utilize the printer driver options too (HP LaserJet 500 Color M551 or PDFCreator) but haven't found any way to bend those to my needs either.

One workaround that will not work unfortunately, is rearranging the page content, because that would muck up the page numbering.

Two final other things to note that are important: I want to print two-sided (though a manual printer feed step is okay), and I have a rather large document (about 50 pages)

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    I'm not sure about doing this natively in Word. I believe you can do that with third-party software. When I used Windows, I used a program called Clickbook. It gives you great flexibility in resequencing and resizing pages to fit different formats and arrangements. It's a paid product, but they have a free trial so you could evaluate whether it's worth it for you (or accomplish your one job). – fixer1234 Apr 14 '15 at 15:49
  • Thanks @fixer1234, that figures. Turned out Adobe Reader actually also has a "Page Order" setting in the print dialog, I've posted it as an answer should it help anyone else stumbling on my question. – Jeroen Apr 14 '15 at 16:01

Not long after posting my question have I found the answer myself. As mentioned in the question, workarounds are acceptable, plus I already have PDFCreator. All you need in addition is Adobe Reader (I've got version 11), which has a Print Dialog that gives a "Page Order" option for exactly this.

First, you should print from Word to PDFCreator with a simple 1 page per sheet setting.

Second, use Adobe Reader to print the PDF with Multiple Pages per sheet and "Vertical" page ordering, like so:

annotated Adobe Printer dialog

In the screenshot I'm printing yet again to PDFCreator, but you can also choose your actual laser/inkjet printer there.


This function depends on the printer and driver capabilities. For most printers this setting is changed via the Printer Properties.

enter image description here

When you choose this option you can select Advanced... to open Advanced Options.

Under Document Options you can adjust the Pages per Sheet Layout: to your liking.

enter image description here

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