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I have hundreds of folders full of PDFs. I would like to create a PDF out of each folder called the name of that folder.

For example, "folder_name_1" has 10 PDFs. I want to convert it to a PDF called "folder_name_1.pdf".

I know ways to do it manually, but I'm looking for a way where I can process batch folders at a time.

Possible options I've looked at:

  1. Automator - lack expertise here
  2. Adobe Acrobat - this is fine for one off, but I don't think I can batch it
  3. Terminal - is there a terminal command that will do the trick?

I have reviewed this question, and although similar it does not answer how to name the created PDF after the name of the folder.

Update: Through Automator, I have it setup so all I need to do is drop a folder of PDFs onto it and it will combine, only problem is the renaming. I need it to rename the PDF as the folder name.

See Automator setup below: enter image description here

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  • What operating system are you using (different tools are available, depending)? The Automator reference seems to imply OS X. – fixer1234 Apr 15 '15 at 16:35
  • Yes, OS 10.10.2 – barney Apr 15 '15 at 17:22

See Automator solution below, it saves the input folder name as a variable and then uses it again at the end. Not 100%, but close enough.

enter image description here

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