I'm using the Mac Terminal more frequently and was using the Homebrew theme (green text, black background). Now I wanted to set a new theme which had different text colors. The one I tried using was this one: https://github.com/hukl/Smyck-Color-Scheme (and also another one).

The problem with this is that the text-colors just don't work. If you look at the screenshots at that url, you see that in vim the text has different colors. Same for git-diff and ls, ls -g or ls -a.

For me all text is the white this theme uses.

At the advanced-tab Declare Terminal as is set to xterm-256color. Also Display ANSI colors is enabled.

I don't want to use another terminal, like iTerm or something.

Does anyone know what is causing this?


In your home directory try editing your .bash_profile (since Mac OS X 10.8) — or for 10.7 and earlier, either .profile, .bashrc or /etc/profile (depending on availability,) and add following code:

export CLICOLOR=1

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