I have been having problems with my ftp server that I have tried fixing for over a week now.

My configuration:

  • I am running Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi.
  • My ftp server is pure-ftpd, and I'm running it with these switches:

/usr/local/sbin/pure-ftpd -D -C 5 -E -A -H -x -p 35000:36000 -u 0 -y 5:3 -Y 1

  • I have compiled it with the option "--with-tls"
  • I am using explicit TLS encryption, (I have also tried implicit, same result)
  • I have port forwarded my passive port range as defined by the -p switch in pure-ftpd
  • I have also port forwarded port 20 to 21

Other servers I'm running:

  • A samba server
  • An Apache web server
  • Custom Python socket server
  • and the built in shh/sftp server

I also have the no-ip DUC client running

In short here are the problems I'm having with pure-ftpd:

  • FTP in LAN without TLS (Active and Passive): Working
  • FTP in LAN with TLS (Active and Passive): Working
  • FTP in WAN without TLS (Passive): Working
  • FTP in WAN with TLS (Active and Passive): Not working
  • Can't change port as it won't work in WAN

Here are the error logs and the things I have tried:

ftptest.net results (for FTP with tls):


Command: PASV

Reply: 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,0,4,138,78)

Error: Server returned unroutable private IP address in PASV reply

I have read on forums that you have to specify PASV IP address with the -P switch, so I did, and this is the result:

Reply: 211-Extensions supported:


Error: Carriage return without line feed received

And this is for both without and with tls! So yeah, the -P switch doesn't work at all!

I should also point out that the passive mode ports are correct (taken from PASV command)

Filezilla log (with explicit tls):

Command: PASV

Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,0,4,138,251)

Status: Server sent passive reply with unroutable address. Using server address instead.

Command: MLSD

Error: The data connection could not be established: ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server

Error: Connection closed by server

Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

With -P switch:

Same thing except no "Server sent unrouteable address*"

I have also tried messing with the firewall (iptables), by allowing everything (thus, disabling the firewall) with these commands:

iptables -X
iptables -t nat -F
iptables -t nat -X
iptables -t mangle -F
iptables -t mangle -X
iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT

I also cannot change the default port, because if I do, I get a connection refused error.

And I have yet another strange symptom that just started appearing today:

I can only open port 21 to 21 (it works) because if I open up 20, I get the ssh server.

Log for that:

Status: Connected, waiting for welcome message... Reply:

SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_6.0p1 Debian-4+deb7u2

Error: Reply does not contain valid response code

I also tried port forwarding port 443, 989 to 990 (that was for implicit tls) and I tried setting the Raspberry Pi as a DMZ host.

Note: I switched from vsftpd as it was slow and did not support secure ftp (the 3.x for Raspberry Pi needs to be compiled with secure ftp support, but I got an error compiling) , and I don't use proftpd because it couldn't compile with tls support

/var/log/messages does not provide any helpful information (only says that user is logged in every time with or without tls)

Hopefully you guys can help me out here as I am really lost!

  • If you have found an answer, then post it as an answer, below. Commented May 10, 2015 at 20:24

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IT IS FINALLY SOLVED! All i had to do was to change my passive port range from 50000-51000 to 12000-13000! Now everything works great!!! I am now using pure-ftpd like this:

/usr/local/sbin/pure-ftpd -D -C 5 -E -A -H -x -S,60 -p 12000:13000 -u 0 -y 5:3 -Y 1 -P &

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