I'm on Mac OS X, but I guess this is the same for other unixes.

Every time I type vi on the terminal, I want to open the GUI version of Vim (in Mac OS it's called mvim).

For my user, I got it working adding an alias on my ~/.profile:

alias vi='mvim'

But when I have to sudo vi, it opens the terminal's vi, because it doesn't have the alias set.

I tried setting the alias for the root user on /etc/profile but it did not work. I also tried making /usr/bin/vi a symbolic link to mvim, but it didn't work either.

How can I make it so evey time any user, including root, types vi on the Terminal, it opens the windowed Vim?


/etc/profile is not evaluated when you run sudo ... as far as I know and the problem with the symbolic link is the mvim script; if you look at it, it has these lines:

# GUI mode, implies forking
case "$name" in m*|g*|rm*|rg*) gui=true ;; esac

Since you started it with sudo vi the name does not fullfil the criteria to launch in GUI mode.

You could simply replace those two lines with gui = true to "force" GUI mode, but I am not sure what else this might break.

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