I am using a Windows keyboard—a Poseidon Z Thermaltake—on my Macbook pro. I’m trying to keep the mappings between the laptop and the keyboard the same (so ctrl = ctrl, windows = alt/option, alt = command). The problem is that OS X thinks that my windows key and ctrl key are the same thing.

Here is what I mean by that. Currently, my windows key mimics the functionality of the ctrl key. So, if I change the mapping for ctrl key, the windows key also changes. For example, if I set the ctrl key to “No Action,” the ctrl key AND windows key become disabled. Changing the option key mapping doesn’t affect any key on my keyboard. The only thing that affects my windows key mapping is the ctrl key mapping.

I haven’t seen anybody with an issue like this.


I would start by using a program such as Karabiner to view your keyboard mappings, to make sure that your Mac is recognising them as independent keys. If so, you can remap the Windows and Control keys separately through the program to do whatever you want. If it is not recognising them as independent keys, you may need to get proper drivers or something to make it recognise the keyboard properly.

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