I am a fav of a Mac applications called Things, but I use Windows (sometimes Linux) as my primary operating system. I do have a work macbook sitting at office that runs Things.

While it may be possible to use VNC to access the Mac desktop remotely, what I specifically want is to access only the Things application from my Windows desktop as if it is a local application.

Is this possible?


Untested, but this appears to do what you want: Share only a specific window (or application) rather than the entire screen, using VNC. http://shared-app-vnc.sourceforge.net/


VNC is built in so you can easily use that...

System Preferences 
-> Sharing 
-> Select Screen Sharing
-> Click Computer Settings
-> Check off VNC viewers may control screen with password
-> Enter a password
-> Turn Screen Sharing on

Now you can access your MAC via VNC. This shares the entire system. If you want just a specific window to be shared you may want to look at this: http://shared-app-vnc.sourceforge.net/

(I've never personally used that but I hear it works)

Good luck

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