I've got a Mac Mini as my home entertainment machine, and I'm currently using a regular wireless keyboard and mouse combo. I don't really have a great mousing surface, so I'd like to use something like a trackpad or trackball.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

The keyboard doesn't have to be Mac specific. I have no problems using OS X's key remapping.

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You can try Logitech diNovoEdge

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    I like them, but they just feel so pricey... – Bob King Jul 16 '09 at 13:53

I use the Logitech Bluetooth Mediaboard Pro with my PS3/Linux and I believe it works well with a Mac Mini (caveated with the keyboard mapping). Lightweight, trackpad works well and is integrated, and the fact that it's bluetooth is nice compared with IR.


I use this one, and have found it to be excellent and 100% reliable. It has also withstood the kids for a year now...



If you have an iPhone Air Mouse Pro might be a solution.

  • I do have AirMouse, but it only feels like a temporary, quick-fix, solution, i.e. if I don't feel like grabbing the keyboard and mouse because it'll only take me a minute. – Bob King Jul 15 '09 at 21:54

I don't know if this will work with a mac, but I've used this one with my PC and found the trackball very accurate and quick to move around the screen.


I also like my diNovo Edge, but as it gets older, the battery has stopped keeping a charge. I also might recommend the much more svelte.. [Logitech diNovo Mini]. It's surprisingly fast for text entry, has a pointer pad, and is, spiritually, much closer brethren to the old "remote" than the "edge".1

enter image description here

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