What is a good way to sync two MySQL databases?

I would like to sync the data in my production website's database to my local development database. Right now, I am just using the PHPMyAdmin interface to export it from one, and then I import it into the other.

These would be user-initiated sync's, not necessarily periodic or automated (something like a one-click sync).


Here are a couple of ideas:

  1. Use Replication: http://www.howtoforge.com/mysql_database_replication
  2. Use mysqldump in an import/export script to semi-automate it
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    Use mysqldump in an import/export script might not be feasible for large databases, e.g if a database is over 1gb, it would not be feasible. – Shoaib Iqbal Dec 10 '15 at 5:55

SQLyog Enterprise and Ultimate can do this.

alt text

alt text

SQLyog has a free version although it cannot do the syncing operations unfortunately. The paid versions start at $69 but a 30-day trial is available. For a free solution, replication is your best bet as quickcel outlined, although it requires a bit of configuration.

It now also has feature called 'Visual Data Compare' where data can be compared and synched visually.

enter image description here

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For a free and reliable one-off MySQL synchronization tool, check out Percona Toolkit (formerly Maatkit):



SQLYog's SJA tool (free for Linux) can do this brilliantly and I have used it for years and years already. All it takes is an XML file generated with the correct login info, your database and tables desired. I could not have done without it.

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