I have the habit of leaving windows to read later; sometimes have 10 open or more. The tabs I have open just before closing are the ones I am interested in and have not finished reading.

Chrome will save your sessions with the Recent Tabs feature. But what I if I want recent tabs from 10 days ago or a month ago? Are there Chrome extensions that will save the tabs you have open at a given time?

History is convenient but a little too detailed. Searching through my own history I can find that StachExchange question I liked from 5 days ago and weed through about 10 others that weren't relevant.

This feature may have existed in Firefox

Kind of related

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Not exactly a "session saving" but you can save the currently open tabs as bookmarks.

To do so, press Ctrl+Shift+D*, create a separate folder (e.g., Sessions > 2015-04-20) and hit Save. This way, you can save tabs for different dates in different folders.

*Alternatively, you can press hamburger menu at the right top corner, then go to Bookmarks > Bookmark open pages...


I think Session Buddy is doing what you are looking for.

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