Basically, what I am wanting to do is use a keyboard (i.e. in this case my Razer Black Widow as my main keyboard functioning as a keyboard with whatever my default keymap is at the time) and use my other keyboard (i.e. Razer Anansi as a soundboard/launchpad basically remap or extend the keymap).



You can try this little Application found here with instruction , i hope its what you want.

Using multiple keyboards with different layouts on the same machine

  • That seems close but instead of switching languages I think what I need is something that either automatically changes keymaps based on the keyboard im typing on or extends the keymap from 101 - 104 to 202 - 208 keys with a modifier key enabled. I think and example would be on keyboard 1 The A key would be A but on Keyboard 2 the A key would be CTRL+A – user439889 Apr 22 '15 at 3:28

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