I came across this, but it doesn't really do what I want:

how to insert email separator line in outlook

When you reply to a message in Outlook 2007 and 2010 (and probably older and newer versions), it inserts a light blue horizontal line just above the message you're replying to. This line is different than the ones you can create with --- or Insert > Horizontal Line in that it can't be manipulated. You can cut it out by selecting a range of text, but, when you paste, it disappears. I want to emulate this line exactly.

The reason why is because I am compiling a convoluted message thread into a summarized thread before I forward it out to the recipients. The OCD part of me wants it to be exactly the same as the reply separator.

Update: In looking at an email's source code, the horizontal line is apparently a <div> with a top border:

<div><div style='border:none;border-top:solid #B5C4DF 1.0pt;padding:3.0pt 0in 0in 0in'><p class=MsoNormal><b><span style='font-size:10.0pt;font-family:"Tahoma","sans-serif"'></div></div>

How to get this into my Outlook 2007 email is a chore, though. There is apparently a tool that let you edit an email source code directly, but it only works for 2010 and 2013. I've also found that I can save an email's source as an HTML file, edit it, and then attach it as text, but editing an email's HTML in a text editor while conforming to the HTML document structure of Outlook is quite a chore, so I'd rather not do that.


I'm on 2013 at the moment but I think that this should work in 2007 and 2010 versions. Though I am not sure whether the steps below renders the 2007 or 2010 version... long time ago that was :)

  1. Click the Table button in the Paragraph group of the Format Text tab, and then open the Borders and Shading dialog from the drop down menu

  2. Select the line style, color and width in the Borders tab (experiment to get exact width and color). Press OK

  3. Just delete one-cell table created

  4. Position your cursor to where you want to have the line and click on the button one more time

  5. Select the Bottom border (or Top border)

  6. You should get the horizontal line inserted

Another way is to create an empty single-cell table, remove the borders except the top or bottom one, and select the color and the line width :)

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