I'm trying to rearrange the grub menu in Kubuntu 9.10 (similar to this post), but unfortunately, Kubuntu includes the latest (and NOT greatest) version of grub, which no longer uses the elegant menu.lst. ARG! So anyway, I'm digging around in /etc/grub.d and I can't figure out how to rename the files in order to get them to boot in another order.

(on a side note, I can't get xPUD to show up in the boot list... but that is a little less important)

So why doesn't it work to do sudo grub in the terminal? (that seems to be the easiest option, but that doesn't work either.)

Further, why can't I rename the files?

  • Do I need to do it in the terminal? If so, how do I rename the file with the terminal?
  • Can I run Dolphin (or Konqueror or whatever) as root (or su)?
  • And don't tell me I need to try CHMOD first; I already tried that, and I still couldn't rename the file.


Have a look here: Grub 2 ubuntu, this should get you going. Grub 2 is new and different but once you get used to it I like it better.

You do not edit a file like menu.lst.


What exactly happens if you try to do something like

cd /etc/grub.d
sudo mv 20_memtest86+ 90_memtest86+
  • Thank you, that is exactly what I needed (at least as far as renaming goes). Does anyone have any idea how to add xPUD to the list? – NH. Jan 23 '10 at 16:06
  • @NH: All you have to do is put a few lines in the _custom file. – Hello71 Sep 3 '10 at 21:16

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