I'm encountering a strange problem with Windows Search and my offline files. I've got a folder on a network share. The folder is made available offline. Among others, it contains these files (there's some more Hellfrost * ones):

Hellfrost Bestiary.pdf
Hellfrost Calendar PF.pdf
Hellfrost Calendar.pdf
Hellfrost Players Guide.pdf


At the Windows 8 startscreen, I type hellfrost. Only two results show up:

Hellfrost Bestiary.pdf
Hellfrost Calendar PF.pdf

However, the other files obviously are indexed as well:

  • Searching for players finds Hellfrost Players Guide.pdf
  • Searching for hellfrost calendar finds both Hellfrost Calendar PF.pdf and Hellfrost Calendar.pdf

What I've tried

  • Ran Windows Troubleshooting for Windows Search
  • Rebuilt index
  • Turned offline files off and on again
  • Does *hellfrost* make any difference at all? – Karan Apr 25 '15 at 18:53
  • No, same effect. – nodots Apr 25 '15 at 20:06

The behavior seems to be by design, and it has nothing to do with offline files.

When searching "Everywhere" (selected by default), Windows Search apparently displays only two results from each source (apps, settings, files, not sure what else).

By choosing "Files" from the dropdown menu above the search box, all expected results appear in the list.

I confirmed this on a different PC with "standard" (non-offline) files. While I consider this a serious design flaw regarding user experience (there should be something to indicate that not all results are shown), at least now I know how to find all my stuff.

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