I'm using an iBasso DX50 as my music player and I use Linux as my primary OS. I need to create M3U playlists to be imported into my iBasso DX50. I would try and edit some of the files myself but I don't know what the root to SD-Card path looks like from inside my iBasso. Any ideas?

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Example for create M3U playlist:

All files type *.mp3, *.wav and *.wma

$ find . \( -name \*.mp3 -o -name \*.wav -o -name \*.wma \) \ > playlist.m3u

All files type *.WAV, *.Mp3, etc (not case sensitive)

$ find . -iregex '.*\.\(mp3\|wav\|wma\)' > playlist.m3u

Without recursive search in directory

printf %s\\n *.mp3 > playlist.m3u

And, finally:

How to use the import/export playlist function? After the playlist is built in the DX50, press the thumbnail icon in front of the playlist to unfold the options. Press "export playlist", then one can find a M3U playlist under the M3U folder under the internal flash.

To import a M3U playlist, load the M3U playlist into the internal flash or a Micro SD card. Then find the M3U playlist under Directory. Press the M3U playlist to start importing the playlist.

From DX50 user guide: http://www.ibasso.com/uploadfiles/20141203/201412031740555098.pdf

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