I see that there is a way to access the history of the minibuffer. I was curious if there is a way to see a history of every action in Emacs, besides just the complex ones. My purpose is to save these so I can analyze them for possible rebindings, aliases, and changing bad habits.

  • that is the complex commands I mentioned in the question, for which there already exists a solution(that I linked). I am looking for all commands, not just stuff that is in the minibuffer
    – Andrew
    Apr 28 '15 at 1:23

Try the library keyfreq - https://github.com/dacap/keyfreq

It records how often you use different commands, grouped by mode. You can get a list of them with the function keyfreq-show:

(defun keyfreq-show (&optional major-mode-symbol)
  "Show command usage statistics in `keyfreq-buffer'.
If MAJOR-MODE-SYMBOL is given, the function shows the statistics
for that particular major mode only.
With a universal argument, the major-mode of the current buffer
is used as MAJOR-MODE-SYMBOL argument."

or keyfreq-html

(defun keyfreq-html (filename &optional confirm)
  "Save an HTML file as FILENAME with all the statistics of each mode."

or keyfreq-json.

Xah Lee has a good writeup, with some results from using an older version of it for 4+ million command calls - http://ergoemacs.org/emacs/command-frequency.html

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