I use a Fujitsu laptop Lifebook S762 with a full keyboard without numeric keypad. When I press a Fn key which a numlock some standard keys start to work like part of the numeric keyboard. E.g. when I press J, the keyboard enters 1, K will enter 2 and so on.

I use a docking station with attached standard USB keyboard. When I attach the notebook, I turn the numlock on so I can use its numeric keyboard. But this state is preserved when I unplug the notebook from the docking station so pressing K will enter 2. This is really annoying and even dangerous when I need to enter the password (I have already blocked my account few times).

I seek for a solution how to

  • turn on the numlock when I dock the notebook
  • turn off the numlock when I undock the notebook

In BIOS, set the Advanced (menu) -> Numlock option to On/Padlock Off.

With this setting, accessing the laptop number pad will ALWAYS require the Fn key.

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  • Great! I have not been aware of such settings. – Leos Literak Jun 11 '15 at 8:15

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