I'm using a Notepad++ macro to 'Trim trailing and save' files. And I have setup to [Ctrl]+[S] hotkey.

But, sometimes I'm editing files that I need to keep their spaces. Is it possible to set up a macro only for some file extensions? Or there is another way to auto apply Trim trailing spaces on save only for some file extensions?

Note: I use Notepad++ to edit php files but also MarkDown files that need blank spaces at the end of some lines.

Update: I'm using Notepad++ for Windows.


Use the "Trim Trailing and save" macro:

Macro -> Trim Trailing and save

The default shortcut is:

Alt + Shift + s

You should use python script to do that.

Write a script called during the startup.py script that register a call back on notification filesaved:

notepad.callback(saveFile, [NOTIFICATION.FILESAVED])

In the function saveFile, you check the extention. If the extension is valid, you can call trim trailing space function, then call save function.

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    I'm using Notepad++ on windows. This can be done on windows? Where to put the script? – Juan Antonio Tubío Jun 20 '15 at 21:10

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