I have two sheets (tabs) in an excel document, Sheet 1 and 2. As can be seen below Sheet 1 has 3 columns [1 row], and Sheet 2 has 2 columns [5 rows].

I am looking for a formula that will return the values that is in Sheet 1, Column C (i.e. 3). I am able to do a countif formula to find the count of the item in Sheet 1, Column A; but what formula would work to get the value of dates that are equal to or greater than 2013 in Sheet 2, Column B.

Sheet 1
Column A:Item   Column B:Count   Column C:=>2013
1. P02853          5                3 

Sheet 2
Column A     Column B
1. P02853    2014
2. P02853    2011 
3. P02853    2015
4. P02853    2013 
5. P02853    2010

How can I return a count of a specific criteria in a range of duplicated items?


For several conditions on a count, you can use COUNTIFS instead of COUNTIF. The syntax is much the same, the only thing you lacked to obtain your objective was knowing that you can add comparison operators to your conditions. I think that in the case you are asking about, the formula would look something like this:


I assume that the first set of conditions look similar to what you already have in B1 of sheet 1, and the second set of conditions isn't much more complicated, I've simple added on a comparison operator (greater than or equal to) before the value I want to to compare B1:B5 of sheet 2 to.

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