I'm looking at the autotest software suite found here:


I follow the instructions in the documentation here:


but when I use the command client/autotest-local --verbose run sleeptest as suggested in the documentation I get the following error:

18:39:05 ERROR| Can not find test sleeptest/control

So I'm guessing that part of the software is missing or not installed correctly yet I've followed the instructions. Am I missing something obvious here?


That's probably because you are missing that test in client/tests/sleeptest.

Did you clone the repository with the --recursive option?

git clone --recursive git://github.com/autotest/autotest.git
cd autotest
client/autotest-local --verbose run sleeptest

That will initialize all the project submodules.

Manual pages

From git clone --help or man git-clone:

--recursive, --recurse-submodules
    After the clone is created, initialize all submodules within, using
    their default settings. This is equivalent to running git submodule
    update --init --recursive immediately after the clone is finished.
    This option is ignored if the cloned repository does not have a
    worktree/checkout (i.e. if any of --no-checkout/-n, --bare, or
    --mirror is given)
  • the corporate firewall was blocking GIT from running correctly and was only downloading certain things before cutting the connect but your answer pushed me i the right direction thank you – twigg May 5 '15 at 13:39

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