I had mysql installed on my OS-X machine via macports a while back. I think it ended up conflicting with something I used for a wordpress test site (something like XAMPP), and I wasn't able to reinstall it. I don't remember exactly what happened and I can't find my notes on it, but I remember it being a real pain.

Right now, I have netbeans and XAMPP installed. XAMPP uses it's own mysql server, as does netbeans. Do I need to worry about another mysql installation messing anything up? I really don't want to go through all the trouble I went through last time.

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    we really can't tell you that. yes it is always possible that a product requires a different version of a library, and the framework in use has no means to disambiguate between the two, such that when one dependency is installed, a dependency of the other program must be uninstalled. or worse, the system may confuse the two libraries. without looking closely at both pieces of software, there is always a risk. Why do you want a separate MySQL instance anyway? is it possible that in your previous iteration, that your sofware was compatible, but erased the WP config, and that's what broke it? May 3, 2015 at 21:24
  • @FrankThomas Both of the other instances are baked into their respective programs: I want to be able to call mysql from my terminal and be able to start and stop the server outside of those two programs. Right now I can't do either. And when it broke a while ago, I wasn't just unable to use wordpress, I was unable to access the database via the terminal, so it didn't just erase the WP config. I guess I'll just try it and cross my fingers. Thanks for the info.
    – Loktopus
    May 3, 2015 at 22:59


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