Is it possible to select which files to download with transmission-cli(or daemon) when using magnet links?

Maybe it is somehow possible to convert first to .torrent file and then continue with selected files?


You can convert your magnet link into a torrent using a service like Magnet >> Torrent. Once this is done, you just provide the torrent to Transmission and you can now select the files you want.

There is also the long standing enhancement request #4808 as well as GitHub feature request #218 to provide the option to automatically pause the download after downloading the metadata. There is even a (probably outdated) patch but it has never been merged.


not sure of the cli commands to throw but it is possible via gui but closest to same in transmission-daemon is

transmission-daemon --paused ${remaining options}

this (per the man page) will paused the entire d/l at start of D/L which would allow for a last minute 'white-listing' of torrent contents but not entirely sure how well using transmission-gtk as a reference this may be to you needs


Remember that in BitTorrent, the magnet link doesn't point to the actual files downloaded; it points to the .torrent file only, so Transmission needs to download that first.

So this is certainly possible, but you need to wait until Transmission downloads the file list, then manually open the torrent's "Properties" window and select/deselect files there.

  • And is it possible to do this automiatically? Basically I want a script which downloads certain files from magnet link. – scrat May 4 '15 at 9:55

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