I have inserted a new table directly from Outlook, and I want to fill series as we would normally do in Excel. Is there any way of doing that from Outlook itself? Or simply we have to go back to Excel and fill the table and then Paste it here(or add it as an Object or whatever)?

I tried to use the formula "=INDIRECT("B" & ROW()-1)+1", which worked in Excel(Fill Series-increment by 1 in this case) (in Column B) but not in Outlook(Shows SYNTAX ERROR).


This can be done if you insert the table as Excel Object.

Once inserted, you will be able to apply the formulas.

Insert Object

Use formula

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    Thanks Scorpion, but that table gets embedded as an image(object) and so cells become uneditable after sending.(Receiver can't edit it, as they would do on a normal table while replying). But mainly, formulas work fine while composing mail and thanks for that :) – Parthi Jun 30 '15 at 14:00

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