so I have a toshiba laptop, and the wireless network card inside is an Intel Centrino N-2200.My laptop never had connectivity problem until today, I turned off the wifi access on the laptop(with the button on the keyboard) for maybe an hour, then I turned it back on, and all I get is this icon in the task bar:

red error

and the Centrino doesnt seem to get the IP?:

enter image description here

the black mark hide my IP adress.As you can see,theres nothing under "Centrino N-2200"

and its remains without getting an IP adress.Wired connection using cable work fine.I tried to:

-reboot laptop once
-reinitialise IP adress of the Centrino(without the Configfree utility)
-use windows connectivity problem solving

The problem still remains.Im able to wirelessly connect with other device without problems.Its not my router.I dont get it.I didnt drop my laptop.Nothing.Just a usual day(I take care of my laptop).All I did was turn off Wifi for an hour and thats it.

Thank you

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