I have manually installed aptana Studio under /opt/aptana, I have created a symlink under /usr/bin, but how can I make aptana visible in whisker menu, is there a systemwide daemon or config file where i can register aptana, similiar to $PATH? Btw im using arch.

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You just need to create a .desktop file in either ~/.local/share/applications/ (for a single-user) or /usr/share/applications/ (for every user). Any .desktop files in either of these locations will show up in your Whisker Menu (and also the default XFCE applications menu).

You can read about the syntax of a .desktop file here.

As far as setting up the application in your $PATH, you've stated that you made a symlink to the program in /usr/bin. Your program is already covered; /usr/bin is already set up in your $PATH by the system.

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