I have a brand new Lenovo M93p with a nice 7200 HDD. I have a 500 Gb SSD in my laptop (which I plan to move into the desktop).

I want to downgrade from 8.1 to 7 on the new machine and am not at all sure how to do this as I have no COA sticker on the new machine. (I do have the official Win 8 Pro sticker.)

Do I have to upgrade first to Win 7? Can I just stick in the SSD drive and mark it as primary once I install Win 7 on it? I am not at all sure of the sequence of things and more than a little nervous (see below).

I can find parts of this in various places but grateful for any newbie pointers, having lost several DAYS trying to get Win 7 running properly after the SSD install on the laptop.

My previous nightmare was because my COA sticker was unreadable on the old machine. I ended up sticking a new Windows install on it not realizing it was only the 30 day version! I have lived with "Not Genuine" ever since. (That is the very short version of what happened.)

EDITED 6 May to clarify

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    Have you read this KB article? Also, the bit about the SSD is not clear. Do you want to take it out of your laptop and use it in your new desktop?
    – Karan
    May 6 '15 at 3:23
  • Karan - thanks that article looks spot on. And yest taking to SSD out of the laptop. Time to call Lenovo.
    – BeNice
    May 6 '15 at 13:11

You can't "Upgrade" to an older OS. That would be downgrading. Microsoft does not support downgrading, except on computers that came with Windows 8 preinstalled by the OEM. You would have to either dualboot (have both OS's installed side by side) or install Windows 7 over Windows 8.

Installing the older OS over the newer one may require you to wipe the hard drive first. It would also require purchasing a valid license for windows 7 if there is no COA. According to several places (here is one), there might be one under the battery.

  • He has a COA. He is asking how to downgrade to WIndows 7. Windows 8 machines do not place the key on a sticker, but he has a COA, the license is embedded into firmware
    – Ramhound
    May 6 '15 at 11:08
  • 100% you CAN downgrade. Ihave legit 8.1 Pro so can downgrade to 7 Pro. Does not look as easy as I hoped but would rather have two machines running 7 which I know quite well. May well upgrade to 10 in a few months but not until others have ironed out the bugs :-)
    – BeNice
    May 6 '15 at 13:11

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