• I've installed a Debian/Jessie server with an apache 2.4 service
  • I downloaded and installed the bundle package of Gitlab for Debian 8 (Jessie)
  • I activate unicorn and configure a virtualhost in apache to work with a specific subdomain.

Now if I restart my server the bundled nginx will start before apache and listen on 80 port before.

I changed nginx config to listen on port 666 but the solution isn't really clean. Is there any way to simply disable this service from the bundle ?

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after a short upgrade (gitlab-ctl upgrade) of gitlab, I can now see more configurations possible for nginx.

So from /etc/gitlab/gitlabrc there is a line:

#nginx['enable'] = true

Commented by default, if nginx continue to start you can uncomment it and change it to false like this.

nginx['enable'] = false

And restart the service with

gitlab-ctl restart
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    Note that the latest gitlab comes with an /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb file, which needs an gitlab-ctl reconfigure after editing it.
    – Cristik
    Oct 26, 2015 at 8:25

I once had it using Apache. There's a guide out there somewhere to do this. You'll need the ruby gem 'passenger' installed, and also the apache module 'passenger' (apache-mod-passenger I think).


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