OK - feel a little stupid for asking this. Probably it is just one checkbox to select, but I can't find it...

Similar to this question, I want to view mails that are older than six months in MS Outlook 2013. As described there, my Outlook is also configured to download only messages that are older than 6 months. enter image description here However, I would sometimes like to view older messages than that in my inbox. I know Outlook can access older mails than that, e.g. when I use the search function. But in the folder view I can't find a way.

Does anyone know how to do this?

EDIT 1 Sometimes (but not always) this text is shown below the list of emails: enter image description here


Yeah, well. Finally found it by myself... Click on Folder>View on Server.

enter image description here However it seems there is a bug in Outlook involved. After clicking this button the "Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange" (see EDIT 1 above) dialog re-appeared.

EDIT: One more thing - MS Office was helplessly outdated, because for whatever reason Windows Update did not update Office. After a successful update the bug was gone too.


In Offline Settings set "mail to keep offline" to all as described here. Restart Outlook and perform a send and receive. Alternatively, you can set your inbox to automatically archive older items to a .pst file which is saved to your hard drive and accessible within Outlook.

You can also make "View on Server" the default view. You set online view as the default by turning off Cached Exchange Mode. This allows you to view all mail by configuring your inbox to point directly to the Exchange server. The downside is not having access when offline.


Microsoft actually does have KB2898376 available which exactly describes the problem. Intuitively, I tried their workaround and it did not work for me. Using the above mentioned 'View on server' icon does work for me.

Thank you

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