I'm trying to ping a server which has ICMP blocked with normal ping. It's showing:

Request timed out

Is there any other method to ping it?


I use Nping, which is packaged with Nmap. It queries a port of your choosing, for example port 80, and if the port is open, it will receive a response. For example:

nping --tcp microsoft.com
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  • That methods gives me Avg rtt: 97ms whilst pings are stable around 200msec. I don't think this is a good method for measuring anything with sub-second accuracy. – NeverEndingQueue Oct 22 '18 at 14:07

That's the idea behind blocking ICMP. You can attempt to identify whether a host is up/down using nmap. http://www.cyberciti.biz/networking/nmap-command-examples-tutorials/

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If ICMP is blocked, you can't ping the host in the normal way, however, if it is running an exposed tcp service, you can use tcping. It sends a SYN, listens for SYN/ACK response as the ICMP Echo equivalent and measures the time required for the transaction.

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