When logging off Windows 7 SP1 or turning off the computer, how does one quickly diagnose which program is causing the system to issue a warning that a process needs to close?

This post, does a great job providing an answer (albeit not a quick one!) for when the problem is completely unknown. My case is different in that I am 99% certain it is a single program, but I want to make sure before I mess with things (disabling it is not trivial).

The 'Waiting for a program to close' dialog does not list any programs.

Lengthy bootups are pretty simply to diagnose, but how can one quickly determine which program is having trouble terminating itself during logoff or shutdown?


What you can do is when your on your PC do the key combo cntrl+alt+Del and windows will give you a couple options click start task manager then view what's running if there is nothing it most likely means a program is doing g some updating or things like that.

  • Thanks. I'll see if it's possible. It's definitely not an update, as it happens every time. And it's only about 3-5 seconds, so it may be impossible to use task manager before it shuts itself down. – RockPaperLizard May 10 '15 at 8:38

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