In MacOS X, pre-Yosemite versions I could open vi in the Terminal window and scroll up and down the history of the Terminal. The vi lines in this case did not scroll.

To scroll I used the mouse-pad's two fingers up/down method.

In Yosemite this doesn't work. When I try to scroll up/down, the cursor in vi moves while the lines of vi scroll up/down.

How can I scroll up the window?


The behavior is configurable in Terminal.app, but the default binding for scrolling has changed so that the shift modifier is no longer need. (You can change it back, in Terminal's Preferences). Here are some links discussing the changes

There are other changes (to home and end) introduced in Yosemite, which are reflected in ncurses' terminal entry for nsterm, which is the recommended setting for TERM:


In Terminal select Terminal -> Preferences -> Profiles -> Keyboard -> Scroll Alternate screen (unchecked) to reset the behavior


In Yosemite vs. previous OSX versions, the scrolling is now done by holding down the shift key while scrolling up\down.

Scrolling up\down without holding the shift key, will scroll through VI's lines.

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