I have Yosemite as the guest OS (and host OS) version 10.10.3 and VMware Fusion 7.1.1.

When I start Yosemite in VMware Fusion as a guest its display resolution is 1024x768 and I cannot change it! I looked in System Preferences under display (in the guest OS) and I looked at VM settings for the guest in VMware Fusion. Neither place gives the option to change the resolution.

Here's a screen shot of the options in the guest OS: enter image description here

Here's a screenshot of the options in the VM settings: enter image description here

I've tried selecting "Scaled" in the guest and there is one option: 1024x768. I tried with and without "Use full resolution for Retina display" in the VM settings.

How do I change the resolution?


Install VMSVGA II :)

I test it with some success but the dock is gone ! :(


  • Whenever I install this driver, the mac vm starts to crash. It doesn't even show wallpaper. The menus are visible but nothing else. – Em Ae Dec 11 '15 at 1:29

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