I have a D-Link DAP-1320 wifi extender. I have forgotten its admin password, so according to the advices I have found on the web I have pressed the reset button in order to reset it to the factory settings.

Now I see a network called dlink-XXXX instead of the old SSID, but it has a WPA2 Personal password which I don't know (and can't find on the web). As far as I remember in the initial setup the dlink network had no password. I have tried the password I have set before, but to no avail.

How can I access this network?


The default wireless password should be printed on the configuration card that came with the access point, which I'd wager is squirreled away in your closet somewhere. The actual administration password doesn't exist.

Failing that, the AP supports WPS for joining your network. If your main router has WPS, press the WPS buttons on each per page 5! of the quick-start guide. This will make it re-join your existing network, from which you can of course access it because you know the security key for that.

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