I just want to create a new system user for my running local program.. but microsoft made it difficult to do, now I need an e-mail and theny dont let me change the login....

I want to be able to do the same user management I was used to in previours windows version..

any ideas?


Microsoft made it discouraging to do this but not impossible.

When you must sign in, there's a button saying: Login with your Live account When you click it, there will be a button called Register live account. If you click this, at the bottom, there will be a link saying Create local account instead.

Using this way, you will create a local account. Additionally, if you already registered an account and logged in with it, you can go to PC Settings, User accounts and choose to switch to Local account, which will create a local account based on the current logged in account. This is a useful technique to store your settings into a live account and quickly apply them after a new installation. Login with the live account once, then switch back to a local account.

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