I can't seem to find anything about this topic anywhere on the net, so I am asking here.

Is there any way to increase visual font styles of the interface's text of Npp?

I am not talking about the visual styles of the source code's font, but rather the menus, buttons and stuff ( the User interface ).

I want to help by dad to use more advanced text editors, but the interface's text is too damn small and he need to put a glasses to read it.

The interface text is very small on those... File, Edit, Search and so on. I tried to use the "Style configurator", but it only sets the font size such as how your source is displayed and it does not have settings for increasing the interface font at all.

  • The toolbar icon sizes can be increased. I am not sure about the menubar because I think the text size there is very much fixed. You can use the toolbar to get most of the basic jobs done and it is easier too. Will that help? – Ayan May 13 '15 at 6:54
  • Nope, because he has to be used to all those new Icons. So far he is using PE2.exe in text mode. I was hoping for some kind of internal Npp hack, because When I make the font on WinXP bigger, Npp's GUI is not affected. It will be nice if there are any alternatives, which support that functionality. – Деян Добромиров May 13 '15 at 10:10

The GUI is made of standard windows drawing primitives. That means standard controls apply to them. You can change the overall appearance of all windows menu fonts or you can use DPI scaling. Windows 10 Creators Update (1703) has a new DPI scaling mechanism that should help more with applications like Notepad++.


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