I have created an autorun.inf file with the commands below :


label = MyName

icon = myicon.ico

The purpose of this autorun file is the change the default name Removable Disk to MyName and to change it's icon to myicon.ico.

Last week it was working well in my Windows 8.1. Yesterday i accidentally unplugged my USB without using safe removal of drive. After that when i plugged in it prompted and said to "Scan and Repair the drive ". I clicked scan and it started but since it was taking too long to scan i cancelled the operation. My intention was to re-run the scan. Then i safely removed my drive and plugged it again. Then i went to "This PC" and looked for the drive. The drive had the default icon. So i performed the scan again and it finished quickly .Then i opened my drive and looked for my autorun.inf and myicon.ico file. It was there and since the name and icon didn't change i removed those two files. Then i created the autorun file and the icon file again and moved to my drive. I unplugged the drive after performing safe removal of the drive. The i plugged it again. Even now its not working as expected. I tried plugging it my other machine running Windows 7 and it worked normally i.e the icon got changed to myicon.ico and the name to MyName.

I check my Autorplay setting and it was enabled. What is to be done to fix the issue?

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On This scenario I recommend you to create a back up of the files and format your drive. after formatting just copy back the files as well as your autorun.inf file and myicon.ico files. it will work for sure. give a try and tell me the result.

  • Sorry i can't do this. I'm having a 3TB Hard disk and i have about 2 TB of files. So i can't format my drive.
    – CodeIt
    May 14, 2015 at 7:21
  • i was assuming you are using a pen drive. the hdd issue is harder. i too had same . this is with that disk check utility of windows. May 14, 2015 at 9:45

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