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When creating a numbered list in MS Word 2013, I can choose the list style, e.g.,

1. First item
2. Second item
3. Third item


a) First item
b) Second item
c) Third item

But can I get letters in a non Latin script, like this (Cyrillic):

а) First item
б) Second item
в) Third item

I am hoping that I am just missing something, surely there are many, many people in need of this. I've installed the language pack, set Windows locale. I did notice that after installing the language pack the list style which has text labels (First, Second, Third...) has changed language, but single letter style didn't.

Only thing I managed to find is this person claiming to have seen this in Word 2003.

UPDATE (2018-11-18):

3.5 years later, I've made progress, by accident. I'm now using Word 2016 on Windows 10. I opened "Define New Multilevel List..." window, and in the "Number style for this list:" dropdown there were cyrillic styles (а, б, в... and А, Б, В...) but near the bottom of the list. I tested it and found it was not Serbian Cyrillic letters and ordering (the kind I need) but Russian. My Office has English UI, Windows is Serbian, locale is Serbian, only Russian thing is Russian keyboard layout (among others).



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