I am trying to use the Copy / Paste Link (ALT+ESL), but it does not appear to be an option when pasting into a Table.

Is this a known limitation of Excel (using 2013)? If so, is there a better work around than doing the Paste Link outside of the Table and then Cut / Paste into the Table?

Paste Link is missing in the Table

paste link into table

Same cell is available to paste link outside Table (far right icon)

enter image description here

I did a search here on SuperUser but was unable to find a direct match. This question is similar but is more about linking to an entire Table and not pasting into a Table.


what i did after nearly punching myself in the face in frustration, ='Data List'!A3 . data list is my sheet name.

but then i wanted it to update constantly and data list holds a table and i can't table, so i dragged the formula down a row of boxes so that they'd match even if data list got updated.

if you do the same, you'll realise that the empty boxes in data list gives you a 0 with the formula.

so i did this =IF(ISBLANK('Data List'!A3),"",'Data List'!A3) interpretation: if data list box a3 is empty, don't give me anything. if it's not, give me what data list a3 has.

not very savvy, but this is what i did with my noob excel skills.

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