The problem

I'm using tmux and I want MC to open files for editing in another tmux window, so that I can keep browsing files while editing.

What I've tried

MC checks if EDITOR variable is set and then interprets it as a program for editing, so if I do export EDITOR=vim then MC will use vim to open files.

I've tried to build on that:

function foo () { tmux new-window "vim $1"; }
export EDITOR=foo

If I do $EDITOR some_file then I get the file open in vim in another tmux windows - exactly what I wanted.

Sadly, when I try to edit in MC it goes blank for a second and then returns to normal MC window. MC doesn't seem to keep any logs and I don't get any error message.

The question(s)

  • Do you know what I'm doing wrong?
  • Do you have a usable workaround for what I want?
  • Should I create a feature request/bug for MC?
  • Create a bash script, not a function. I guess mc does not know about shell functions when launching editor. – Marki555 May 15 '15 at 20:25
  • It worked! Thank you, random person from the Internet! Your wisdom is much appreciated! :) – butla May 18 '15 at 22:08

You are defining a shell function, which is unknown for mc when it is trying to start the editor.

The correct way is to create a bash script, not a function. Then set EDITOR value to it, for example:

$ cat ~/myEditor.sh
tmux new-window "vim $1"

export EDITOR=~/myEditor.sh

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