I have a litle question about launching emacs using this command

xfce4-terminal -e "emacs -nw"

I'm using TERM=xterm-256color in my .bashrc but it has effect only when i first launch a new xfce4-terminal before calling emacs -nw in two separate steps.

And of course, the reason I need this, is for launching emacs in a new terminal using hotkeys (lxde) with 256 color support. I tried many different solutions (.sh scripts, etc) but none has worked.

Thanks in advance.



xfce4-terminal -e "emacs -nw"

you are not running bash — rather, you are running emacs directly. So your shell initialization is not used.

If you want to ensure that bash is run, you could do something like this

xfce4-terminal -e "bash -i -c 'emacs -nw'"
  • no problem (the odd quoting appeases both programs). – Thomas Dickey May 17 '15 at 9:09

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