I've purchased a downloadable version of Rosetta Stone (Spanish) v5.0 recently. It can be installed on two computers simultaneously.

My Mrs. and I got the same copy of the installer, installed it and tried to activate the software. I managed to activate it within a second, but I kept getting a weird error code 8111 on my wife's laptop running the same OS X 10.10.3 as mine.

After spending a couple of hours with Rosetta's support telling me to follow the instruction I had already tried an hour ago, I was close to give up and ask for a refund.


Then, I was hit by the idea that the only difference was our system language settings. I was running OS X with an English locale, but my wife had Russian enabled.

I switched her system language to English and Rosetta Stone was activated like a charm.

Most probably there's a major and mature bug preventing product activations with non-Eglish locales of OS X. I hope my findings will save some time for someone else.

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  • Good find. I hope you reported it to the developers as well, because that bug really needs to be fixed. – Karan May 18 '15 at 2:04

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