I have the Total Commander 8.51 64 bit version

I have also installed "Context menu resizer for windows"

As you can see here - after selecting multiple siblings images - I still can resize them:

enter image description here

If I search using Total commander (alt+f7) and then "feed to listbox" - I can do this also for non-siblings images :

enter image description here

So where is the problem ?

The problem is with CTRL+B ( branch view). which flatten all files including subfiles

If I go to :

enter image description here

And then I click : CTRL+b

It doesn't show me the feature of "resize" :

enter image description here


Is there any solution so that Total commander will treat ctrl+b list as a regular list like in my first 2 examples ?

  • I assume you have checked the settings within Total Commander for an option that would enable this behavior? – Ramhound May 20 '15 at 12:33
  • @Ramhound Yes I have checked. but I haven't found any related info – Royi Namir May 20 '15 at 13:04
  • This looks like it needs to be reported to the TC developer. – Karan May 20 '15 at 19:46

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