Maybe I'm getting old, but the text in Matlab's built-in help browser is too small for me to read comfortably. It is possible to increase the font size using Ctrl-+, but every time a new help page is loaded, this change is lost

How can I permanently increase the font size?


This has been tested with Matlab R2015a on Linux, but I'd expect it to work on other platforms and maybe earlier versions, too.

Matlab's documentation is in the form of HTML, and the help browser is basically a web browser displaying locally stored files. There are several central style files, but the most important one appears to be


Open this file (as root / administrator) in a text editor, and append the line

html { zoom: 1.5; }

Adjust the number to your liking.

  • I have R2018a, and that file is not present in that folder. Ideas? – Travis Bemrose Sep 13 '18 at 17:42
  • I found the file ice_reset.css in that location. It already had the html tag so I made the changes. It was a BEAR trying to test out different values though. They sometimes seemed to take, but other times not. In the end, I realized that as long as I had any zoom specified, MATLAB help would ignore the value specified, but would preserve the last zoom level I'd switched to using the keyboard/mouse while viewing the help center. – Travis Bemrose Sep 13 '18 at 18:12

for R2014a, in /opt/MATLAB/R2015a/help/includes/product/css/reset.css, alter the value in the field


to your liking. start with 105% - it's sensitive.

Note that you don't have to restart Matlab, just close the help window and re-open after you save the file. You can iterate quickly to find your desired zoom.

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